All artwork © Catrina Joseph (a.k.a. TrinaWolfy) -------------------Commissions are currently OPEN! ==================== Hi! You can call me Trina! Click around to check out my art and the other casual posts I blog about on my tumblr! Interested in a commission? Check my prices! Don't forget to take a look at both of my youtube channels!! ==================== Icon by Choopie! ====================
^why that's there^

RESUB: Decided to redo the thumbnail by making it a bit darker along with a tweak or two in the line-art. I also include title text (lol it’s bad).

Original and Updated thumbnails side by side!

Even if they’re not used, I did like how they came out and it was fun drawing them. :3

Artwork (c) Catrina Joseph aka trinawolfy

Character: Cry as “Jennifer”
Game: Rule of Rose

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